European Power Market

February 18, 2021

The European power market is diverse. Besides many different market participants and a huge set of tradable power products there are quite a few power exchanges spread across Europe.

The current development towards a more closely connected and intertwined energy market in Europe is especially present for the power spot market.
Initiatives like the Single Day-ahead Coupling, Single Intraday Coupling or the goal of one common control reserve market for the whole of Europe shows how eager the TSOs, country administrations and market participants are to ease the access and make the whole market structure more efficient.

Still the power spot procedures, tradable contracts and volumes as well as the participation in e.g. above mentioned initiatives show a big spread across different European power exchanges.
In the following we will present you a series of European power exchanges with their market design, contracts and specialties.

To receive full information about the exchanges, click on the following pictures.


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